Catholic Gap Year

Gap Year Program

​The Gap Year program is in development. We are planning to close the first round of applications in February 2018, with an August 2018 program launch.

Catholic Gap Year


The Gap Year is a 9-month program for recent high school graduates who want to grow in self-awareness and exploration of their unique, personal vocation before the next step in their lives.

The Gap Year will consist of a variety of experiences, tailored to each individual based on their unique motivational design and interests. The experiences will be supplemented by:

·  Independent and Group study

·  Vocational coaching

·  Peer and community-based support and discussion groups

· Spiritual direction

The Gap Year is oriented toward service – helping students make a sincere gift of self. It is being formed by drawing on the wisdom and tradition of Catholicism, but the program will be open to all.

The goal of the program is to help produce confident, self-aware, purposeful young adults who grasp, or are beginning to grasp, their personal vocation in life so that they can make wise choices about college (including topic/s of study), career, state of life, and more.

The Gap Year program is about cultivating a sense of personal vocation, which is the primary and ordinary call of every person that shines a light on every other call.

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