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These mentors have been through the Mentor Training program and are helping to build a culture of vocation in their communities.

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Luke Burgis

38.91240739487225, -77.04154014587402

Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Catholic University of America. INSCAPE Co-Founder and Executive Director.

Dr. Joshua Miller

1235 University Blvd, Steubenville, OH 43952

INSCAPE Co-Founder and Director of Education

Arthur F. Miller III

37.96152331396613, -84.6383285522461

In the past Arthur F. Miller III operated as a Senior SIMA Biographer and Consultant with SIMA International. He has concentrated on writing Motivated Abilities Patterns (MAPs®) and other interpretive reports for the network of members within SI. Art continues to train young practitioners in the interpretation of volitional narratives. He also continues to work with teachers, students, parents and other people in transition. Art has been an analyst and consultant with SI since 1978. In 1984, he joined the Minnesota practice, where he applied his expertise in SIMA® to executive search, outplacement, team building, organizational development, and succession planning. In 1991, he was named Group Vice President for the Western Region, based in Seattle. He played a multi-faceted role as a SIMA® analyst and field associate trainer, curriculum developer, management consultant, and administrator over the production of MAPs®. In 2007 Art began to set off on his own. He completed his master’s degree in counseling, which allows him to combine integrative and positive counseling techniques with his mastery of content analysis of volitional narrative. He is particularly interested in helping young clients explore the Designer’s intent throughout the design of their life narrative; in helping each begin to discover their true identity and calling; in coaching them to apply their unique pattern of strengths in securing understanding, healing, recovery and a will to achieve authentic growth active in relationship to their Creator and their people. Art wants to help his clients glorify God throughout their vocation. Art and his wife Carol are currently proprietors of The Home Place Guest House in Wilmore, Kentucky. Education: Westminster College, New Wilmington, Pennsylvania, B.A. in English Asbury Theological Seminary, M.A. in counseling