MCORE: Discover Your Motivational Core

We have been working with people's 'stories' for over fifty years. During that time we have analyzed over eighty thousand 'stories' looking for the structure and pattern in each one. These are the stories of people describing things they have done which they have enjoyed and done well. We'd like to make your story the latest.

We have found that from all of the contexts and particular experiences that people have shared with us it is possible to see a 'structure' in each person's story, to see a 'pattern' in each person's achievements. We want you to see the consistencies in your behavior. We want you to see a system in the way you work. Behind each of your achievements there is a structure to your motivation.

The MCORE Freemium assessment below will ask you share one story about a time in your life when you did an activity that you believe you performed well and which brought you deep satisfaction. We'll ask you a series of questions about it that will help get at the "core motivational drive" behind your action.

We have found that even with just one story, there is a high degree of correlation with your actual, full MCORE assessment (which involves at least 3 full stories, many more questions, and a personalized, 20-page report. If the results of your MCORE Freemium assessment resonate with you, we encourage to dive into the full MCORE. ​