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We exist to help each person to discover, embrace, and live to the full their unique, personal vocation. Read about our Vision, here.

Story Overview

In our early 20s we were drawn fully to the Catholic Faith. Joshua converted in 1998 after being a pro-life missionary and Luke, who grew up Catholic, had a “reversion” while in the midst of a highly successful entrepreneurial career. Catholic teaching on personal vocation has been especially close to our hearts because of its emphasis on the dignity and full flourishing of every human being. It has been an important part of Joshua’s work as a consultant and a coach. Luke included a strong emphasis on it when he founded ActivPrayer, a company that approaches fitness according to the unique design of each person. Read More About Our Story


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Our podcast is called "Inscapes: Stories of Personal Calling". It can be found on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and other major podcasting platforms. We interview people about their story of discovering their unique, personal vocation. In the process of the interview, we demonstrate some basic skill sets in helping to draw out achievement stories, and other tools that a Vocation Coach should know.

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"​Joshua and I were struck by St. John Paul II's words that "each person is the way of the Church", and we felt that we needed to get back to the each." - Luke Burgis, Executive Director

"If we focus on helping each person embrace their unique, personal vocation, we will naturally have more vocations to the priesthood and religious life. That's an outcome, not a goal." - Luke Burgis, Executive Director

Talking Points

We've put together a short talking points memo for you that covers what we believe are some of the most interesting things for people to know about Inscape:

  • Luke Burgis & Joshua Miller are writing a book on personal vocation and Church renewal that will be published by Emmaus Road in Fall 2018 ahead of the Synod on Young People, the Faith, and Vocational Discernment. The title is to be determined.
  • Inscape gives training scholarships to junior and senior college students who can act as mentors and coaches for younger students on campus.
  • Inscape is a word coined by the Catholic priest and poet Gerard Manley Hopkins, and implies the "inner landscape" of a thing or person. We adopted it as our name because we want to help others understand their unique design.
  • A foundational tool of Inscape is the M-CORE assessment for motivational design, a tool that is based on stories of achievement. We use it to help discover a pattern in a person's core motivational drive - one that has been present throughout their life because it is a God-given design.


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