Our Approach

An Emphasis on the Unique, Personal Vocation of Each Person

​Our approach to vocation is by way of the unique person in front of us. We believe that a "culture of vocation" can only come about through radical attentiveness to the ways that God is specifically calling each person - the primal call. 


We draw on the wisdom of Catholic teaching and other faith traditions consistent with that teaching, grounded in a Christian anthropology.


We empower people at the local level to provide peer, family, and community-based support to students so that an authentic culture of vocation can flourish.


We help clients identify innate patterns of motivation and giftedness through story, using powerful tools such as M-CORE (learn more).


By asking good questions and listening with empathy, we help clients grow in self-awareness and build strategies for living their vocations to the full.


We provide training, podcasts, curriculum and other resources to help parents, mentors, and educators facilitate student discovery of vocation.


We help clients engage and reflect upon rich experiences that bring clarity to their vocational journeys. We favor the concrete over the abstract. 

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