The Human Person Fully Alive

The purpose of personal vocation is the joy that comes from fullness of life.

“These things I have spoken to you, that my joy may be in you, and that your joy may be full” (Jn 15:11).

A human being fully alive is a joyful person. If you’ve ever met one, you know that. Sadly, many people have not. We live in a culture where the unique, divine purpose of every life is not recognized or embraced. We want to change that.

Uur mission to help people – especially young people – to know, embrace, and live to the full their unique, personal vocations.

Personal Vocation

Personal Vocation: The Primal Call

Personal vocation is different than “state of life” (married, single, priest, or religious). It’s different from work or career. It’s different from the universal call to holiness.

Unique, personal vocation is your particular way of being, your particular way of living out all three of those definitions of “vocation” above. Personal vocation includes them because it comes before them. It is the primal call of each person. It’s the way that each person was created and therefore the path that each person must walk in order to love and give themselves completely.

Each person’s mission is radically unique. You – and only you – were created to love in the specific way that only you can. You have to understand this first before you can understand and properly discern questions like state of life, career, or in what particular way God has called you to holiness.

Personal vocation means that of of 1,000 priests, there are 1,000 different ways of being a priest. It means that a million mothers will each have a personal vocation to be mother in a unique way. It means that my personal vocation as an entrepreneur is different than the vocation of any other entrepreneur in the world. And your personal vocation as a student is a radically personal one, too.

Who we are determines the way that we make choices. My unique mission in life impacts everything – every day, every hour, every minute of my life. It affects my decisions about the food I eat and drink, the way that I pray, the way that I love.

The Urgent Need to Focus on the Unique Person

Our world is in desperate need of an embrace of personal vocation. It allows us to see past labels – Republic, Democrat, rich, poor, black, white. It allows us to see the person in his or her unique nature, called to love, called to eternal life as we are. In gazing upon the face of another and entering into his life through empathy, we open ourselves up to the transforming power of each encounter.

We hope that you’ll allow us to accompany you on this journey of discernment. Then, together, we can help each person in our local communities and in the universal Church to become who they are. 


Luke is co-creator of ActivPrayer and Executive Director of Inscape, an organization that he co-founded with Dr. Joshua Miller. Visit his Speaker page here.

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