What’s Your Story?

We tell stories because we live stories. We believe that understanding our narrative is critical to becoming who we are. It means uncovering the story at the heart of our life, and understanding how it fits into the Big Story of salvation history.

We believe that listening to one another’s stories is critical in building a culture of vocation. Our approach starts with your story – one that is unique, unrepeatable, and unimaginable to anyone apart from God. Your narrative is sacred ground, and we treat it that way. By listening attentively, we help you uncover the important plot points and what they say about who you might be at your core.

Truth has a history. When the Son of God took flesh, he lived a full earthly life. He entered into history. And so, as the Truth, we can say that the truth has a history.  The truth of who you are is also inseparable from the story of your life. We explore it with you, shoulder to shoulder, and help you understand what it means for your past, your present, and your future.

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Luke is co-creator of ActivPrayer and Executive Director of Inscape, an organization that he co-founded with Dr. Joshua Miller. Visit his Speaker page here.

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